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A LineGO.T is a geometric object describing a line.


IMPORT Color, ColorProp, GO, LineTypeProp, Point3, PointProp, RealProp;

  T <: Public;
  Public = GO.T OBJECT
    init () : T;
l.init() initializes l and returns it. The start- and endpoints of the line are determined by the properties Point1 and Point2.

  Point1 : PointProp.Name;
  Point2 : PointProp.Name;
  Colour : ColorProp.Name;
  Width  : RealProp.Name;
  Type   : LineTypeProp.Name;
In addition to the properties observed by all \type{GO}{T}'s, there are some additional properties that are observed by LineGO.T's:

Point1 and Point2 are the names of two point properties that describe the endpoints of the line. If Point1 is not specified, the line starts at (0,0,0). If Point2 is not specified, the line ends at (1,0,0).

Colour is the name of a color property that describes the color of the line. If no Colour property is specified, the line is drawn in white.

Width is the name of a real property that describes the width of the line. If no Width property is specified, the line is drawn with width 1.

Type is the name of a line type property that describes the type of the line (solid, dashed, dotted, or alternatingly dashed and dotted). If no Type property is specified, the line is drawn solid.

PROCEDURE New (p1, p2 : Point3.T) : T;
New(p1,p2) creates a new line and returns it. It also attaches the following properties to the new line: \begin{verbatim} (Point1,PointProp.NewConst(p1)) (Point2,PointProp.NewConst(p2)) \end{verbatim}
 The following five procedures provide sugaring to attach Colour, Width,
   Type, Point1, and Point2 properties to geometric objects: 

PROCEDURE SetColour (o : GO.T; c : Color.T);
The expression SetColour(o,c) is equivalent to o.setProp(Colour.bind(ColorProp.NewConst(c))).

PROCEDURE SetWidth (o : GO.T; r : REAL);
The expression SetWidth(o,r) is equivalent to o.setProp(Width.bind(RealProp.NewConst(r))).

PROCEDURE SetType (o : GO.T; v : LineTypeProp.Kind);
The expression SetType(o,t) is equivalent to o.setProp(Type.bind(LineTypeProp.NewConst(t))).

PROCEDURE SetPoint1 (o : GO.T; v : Point3.T);
The expression SetPoint1(o,p)is equivalent to o.setProp(Point1.bind(PointProp.NewConst(p))).

PROCEDURE SetPoint2 (o : GO.T; v : Point3.T);
The expression SetPoint2(o,p)is equivalent to o.setProp(Point2.bind(PointProp.NewConst(p))).