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This interface reveals those aspects of the TransformProp module that are related to proxied objects and to interfacing with an embedded language such as Obliq. It should be imported only by modules that implement this embedded language.

INTERFACE TransformPropProxy;

IMPORT Matrix4, Prop, ProxiedObj;

FROM TransformProp IMPORT
  Name, Val, ConstBeh, SyncBeh, AsyncBeh, DepBeh, Request;
Proxy Maker (PM) procedures for the various proxied object types are registered by assigning them to these variables. These variables could be put in their own interface.

  NamePM     : PROCEDURE (x : Name)     := NIL;
  ValPM      : PROCEDURE (x : Val)      := NIL;
  ConstBehPM : PROCEDURE (x : ConstBeh) := NIL;
  SyncBehPM  : PROCEDURE (x : SyncBeh)  := NIL;
  AsyncBehPM : PROCEDURE (x : AsyncBeh) := NIL;
  DepBehPM   : PROCEDURE (x : DepBeh)   := NIL;
  RequestPM  : PROCEDURE (x : Request)  := NIL;
The AsyncBeh and DepBeh types are abstract supertypes; concrete asynchronous and dependent behaviors are created by overriding the value method. We want to be able to do this not only from Modula-3, but also from the embedded language (e.g. Obliq). This is achieved by providing special proxy types.

The proxy field of AsyncBeh and DepBeh must contain either NIL or an object of type AsyncBehProxy or DepBehProxy.

  AsyncBehProxy = ProxiedObj.Proxy OBJECT
    compute (time : LONGREAL) : Matrix4.T RAISES {Prop.BadMethod};

  DepBehProxy = ProxiedObj.Proxy OBJECT
    compute (time : LONGREAL) : Matrix4.T RAISES {Prop.BadMethod};

  RequestProxy = ProxiedObj.Proxy OBJECT
    value (READONLY startval : Matrix4.T; reltime : REAL) : Matrix4.T
        RAISES {Prop.BadMethod};

END TransformPropProxy.