Release Notes CM3 5.8.3

The second release candidate still had several problems most of which should be corrected now in RC3. For details please see the roadmap and the timeline of the CM3 trac service.

Release Notes CM3 5.8.2

There have been a lot of changes and improvements since the last release of CM3, 5.4.0, in the fall of 2006. Of course there have been lots of development snapshots and contributed installation archives for various target platforms since then, but, alas, no official release. So we're finally there. In case you wonder why this is release candidate 2 (RC2), that's because the first was only used internally and not announced here.

Quick link to download the archives. Here's an overview of the known problems.

Please refer to the change logs of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 for a complete list of changes. Here's a summary of the highlights:

An extensive regression test framework based on Tinderbox and (recently) Hudson and lots of existing tests has been added, which should help to avoid decrease in quality.

Please find the installation instructions and the archives for download here.

Olaf Wagner
Last modified: Mon Aug 10 08:20:56 CEST 2009