PM3 Repository Access via CVS

The PM3 CVS source repository from elego Software Solutions which is used for PM3 development and bugfixes is available via anonymous CVS pserver access.

To checkout any sources from the mirror repository, you must first login using the following command line:

  cvs -d login

There is no password (simply type return). Then you can checkout everything with

  cvs -d checkout m3

The complete structure of the PM3 CVS repository from has been kept. The top-level module is m3, and the structure looks like this:

  m3 / pm3 / graphics/
           / language/
           / m3config/
           / src/
           / database/
           / intro/
           / libs/
           / network/
           / text/
     / old / m3/
           / m3build/
           / quake/

Of course you may specify any existing sub-directory of the pm3 distribution, too. Please note that the complete repository is currently about 280 MB in size.