PM3 CVSup Access

The PM3 CVS source repository from elego Software Solutions which is used for PM3 development and bugfixes is now available via CVSup pserver access.

CVSup is a client/server application for the replication of collections of files through a TCP connection. It is especially suited for CVS repositories, as it understands the complete syntax of RCS files. It is probably the fastest mirroring tool currently available. Better still, it is open source and subject to the free BSD style license. More information about CVSup and precompiled programs for several platforms can be found at

CVSup is completely written in Modula-3, and the server now installed for the pm3 distribution has been compiled with the latest cm3 compiler. You can use the cvsup client to replicate the complete or partial pm3 repository, or to checkout the latest pm3 sources, or those belonging to a named configuration. Please have a look at the sample cvsupfile.pm3 provided for the pm3 distribution. You will probably want to change the donwload location of the files and the source collections to be copied. Please read all the available documentation and FAQs if you are not familiar with CVSup's installation and use.

Once you've adapted the cvsupfile to your personal needs and preferences, you can start the download with

      cvsup -L 2 cvsupfile.pm3

if you want the GUI, or with

      cvsup -g -L 2 cvsupfile.pm3

for simple command line access. -L specifies the log level and can vary between 0 and 2.

Please note that the complete repository is currently about 280 MB in size.