author: Michel Dagenais
copyright: Michel Dagenais, GNU General Public License, 1998

Ecole Polytechnique

C.P. 6079, Succ. Centre-Ville

Montreal, Quebec, H3C 3A7
date: 17 January 1998
keyword: Modula-3
keyword: Distribution
keyword: Compiler
keyword: Libraries
keyword: wide audience

PM3: The Modula-3 distribution of Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal


This free distribution integrates the excellent SRC Modula-3 development environment with a number of local enhancements as well as numerous outside contributions. Key features include an SGML/HTML based documentation system, easier bootstrap and build, improved Linux support (faster compiler and better debugging support), and NT 386 support through the gnu win32 version of gcc.

This distribution was assembled at Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal to satisfy internal teaching and research needs as well as to serve academic and industrial externel needs, along the lines of cooperation on which the internet was built. This free and rapidly evolving Modula-3 distribution is directly based on the excellent DEC SRC Modula-3 development environment. It contains several enhancements produced by Modula-3 programmers from around the world.

Each package group, package or file has information about its authors and copyright. Documentation files were often contributed separately by different authors and possibly under a different copyright. Thus, the author mentioned in the documentation may or may not have contributed to the code in the corresponding package. Similarly, the copyright mentioned in the documentation applies to the documentation alone. The source files may come under a different copyright.

The current PM3 release was developed under the responsability of Michel Dagenais (, Anthony Hosking (, for Solaris), and Louis-Dominique Dubeau ( More groups and individuals are expected to join this effort and take responsability for various parts of the package hierarchy.

Since April 2002, development and maintenance efforts at the Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal have ceased, and the central PM3 repository has moved to Everybody interested in working on the PM3 code or the integration of PM3 features into the more actively developed CM3 code base is welcome to join the small Modula-3 community and request CVS write access permissions for the source code repositories from elego Software Solutions. See for details.