CM3 Version 5 download

Please always get the archives with the latest patch levels. Older archives and updates may be referenced in these pages for the convenience of people who downloaded (large) packages some time ago (or simply for hysterical reasons :-), but are not recommended for a fresh installation.

You can verify the integrity of the downloaded archives by using the checksums and md5 hashes provided here. This list also includes the exact sizes of all the archives.

You can also get the CM3 source repository with CVSup and via anonymous CVS pserver access or download selective packages from

You can also browse the CM3 source repository online using your favourite webbrowser.

CM3 Version 5.8 Release Engineering

We're intent on building a new official release of the CM3 software distribution. The last release candiate, RC5, is almost identical to the final release. Please try the provided installation archives and let us know about any problem you may encounter, preferably by writing a ticket containing all information in our tracking system.

Here are the links you want to follow:

If your favourite target platform is not supported yet, please stay tuned. You may also write a ticket for a feature request and contribute missing code and installation archives. Any help is welcome.

CM3 Version 5 Older Releases

Important Note: missing archives due to server crash

Warning: Most of the links below are broken due to data loss at a recent server crash. Currently a new release is prepared (see above). Several archives are available here and in uploaded archives in different formats.

Development Snapshots from Daily Builds

Every build-release test in the CM3 tinderbox may produce installation archives. The latest of these can be found here: Daily Snaphot Download

Development Snapshots: CM3 d5.5.0

The archives here are snapshots from the development tree of CM3 compiled on different systems. They have been built to address the need for more up-to-date bootstrap archives. They haven't been tested extensively. Use at your own risk.

Linux: cm3-min-POSIX-LINUXLIBC6-d5.5.0.tgz
(built on Debian GNU/Linux 2.6.18-5-686)

FreeBSD 4.x and later: cm3-min-POSIX-FreeBSD4-d5.5.0.tgz
(built on FreeBSD 4.11 i686)

FreeBSD 6.x and later: cm3-min-POSIX-FreeBSD6-d5.5.0.tgz
(built on FreeBSD 6.3-PRERELEASE i686)

Darwin (Mac OS X 10.3) on PowerPC: cm3-min-POSIX-PPC_DARWIN-d5.5.0.tgz
(built on Mac OS X 10.3.9 / Apple Darwin 7.9.0 PowerPC)

Darwin (Mac OS X 10.4 and later) on PowerPC: cm3-min-POSIX-PPC_DARWIN-10.4-d5.5.0.tgz
(built on Mac OS X 10.4 / Apple Darwin 8.10.0 PowerPC)

Darwin (Mac OS X 10.4 and later) on Intel: cm3-min-POSIX-I386_DARWIN-d5.5.0.tgz
(built on Mac OS X 10.4 / Apple Darwin ? Intel)

Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista:
(built on Windows i686 with Visual C++ 8.0)


Stable Release: CM3 5.4.0

IMPORTANT: Please see the installation instructions for information about which of the following files you need to install CM3.

Linux: cm3-min-POSIX-LINUXLIBC6-5.4.0.tgz
FreeBSD 4.x and later: cm3-min-POSIX-FreeBSD4-5.4.0.tgz
Solaris 8 and later: cm3-min-POSIX-SOLgnu-5.4.0.tgz
Darwin (Mac OS X) on PowerPC: cm3-min-POSIX-PPC_DARWIN-5.4.0.tgz
NetBSD 2.x and later: cm3-min-POSIX-NetBSD2_i386-5.4.0.tgz
Source code for the compiler (except the compiler backend), the linker and core libraries: cm3-src-sys-5.4.0.tgz
Source code for the compiler backend and the debugger m3gdb: cm3-src-gnu-5.4.0.tgz
Source code for standard packages: cm3-src-std-5.4.0.tgz
Complete source code: cm3-src-all-5.4.0.tgz

Old Releases of CM3

The CM3 d5.3.2 release

Linux: cm3-min-POSIX-LINUXLIBC6-d5.3.2-2006-04-20.tgz
FreeBSD 4.x and later: cm3-min-POSIX-FreeBSD4-d5.3.2-2006-04-20.tgz
FreeBSD 6.x: cm3-min-POSIX-FreeBSD6-d5.3.2-2006-04-20.tgz
Complete source code: cm3-src-all-d5.3.2-2006-04-20.tgz

A set of standard packages: cm3-src-std-d5.3.2-2006-04-20.tgz
This archive contains a set of standard packages (libraries and tools) that are currently compilable and form a useful system including network communication and graphical user interface (Trestle, FormsVBT). It is not as big as the other archives (about 5 MB :-). The packages contained can be built with scripts/ This is the recommended choice for a standard CM3 installation. Here is a short list of contents.

The CM3 d5.3.1 release

Linux: cm3-min-POSIX-LINUXLIBC6-d5.3.1-2005-10-05.tgz
FreeBSD 4.x: cm3-min-POSIX-FreeBSD4-d5.3.1-2005-10-05.tgz
NetBSD 2.0: cm3-min-POSIX-NetBSD2_i386-d5.3.1-2005-10-05.tgz
Complete source code: cm3-src-all-d5.3.1-2005-12-21.tgz
A set of standard packages: cm3-src-std-d5.3.1-2005-10-05.tgz

The CM3 d5.3.0 release

Linux: cm3-min-POSIX-LINUXLIBC6-d5.3.0-2005-09-20.tgz
FreeBSD 4.x: cm3-min-POSIX-FreeBSD4-d5.3.0-2005-09-20.tgz
Complete source code: cm3-src-all-d5.3.0-2005-09-20.tgz
A set of standard packages: cm3-src-std-d5.3.0-2005-09-20.tgz
Only the documentation: cm3-doc-d5.3.0-2005-09-20.tgz

Linux: cm3-min-POSIX-LINUXLIBC6-5.2.6.tgz
Linux on PowerPC: cm3-min-POSIX-PPC_LINUX-5.2.6.tgz
FreeBSD 4.x and later:cm3-min-POSIX-FreeBSD4-5.2.6.tgz
Windows: cm3-min-WIN32-NT386-5.2.6.tgz
Darwin (MacOSX) on PowerPC: cm3-min-POSIX-PPC_DARWIN-5.2.6.tgz
Complete source code: cm3-src-std-5.2.6.tgz
Documentation: cm3-doc-5.2.6.tgz

The documentation archive contains documentation for CM3 5.2 in HTML and PDF format, including CM3 help, tutorials, generated HTML documentation for all standard packages, and some DEC SRC research reports. Currently missing are the Reactor docs (as Reactor is not available) and the examples (which need much work).


m3gdb is included in CM3 by default since release 5.4.0

Rodney M. Bates provides a new version of the m3gdb debugger. This version of m3gdb is based on gdb version 6.4. It has been successfully tested on Linux and FreeBSD.

It is available for download here: m3gdb-6.4.2.tar.gz

Historical Releases of CM3

(compiled/linked with Microsoft 32-bit C/C++-Compiler, Version 10.00.6002 for 80x86)
(compiled/linked with Microsoft 32-Bit C/C++-Compiler, Version 12.00.8804)
(compiled/linked with Microsoft 32-Bit C/C++-Compiler, Version 12.00.8804)



Note: Since you can get current (and old) sources via CVSup and via anonymous CVS pserver access or download selective packages from, no new update archives will be provided after the 5.1.8 release. The former links to update archives on this page have been removed, because the archives were so out of date that nobody should use them anymore.

CVSup Patches

As of release 5.2.7, the TCP extensions written by John Polstra for his CVSup application have been reintegrated into the CM3 source code. As the standard distribution of CVSup builds on the PM3 and EZM3 distributions without the new TCP code, some minor changes are necessary to compile standard CVSup archives with the latest CM3 releases.