Download PM3 Archives

We can now offer a complete set of PM3 1.1.15 bootstrap archives cross-compiled on one of our machines. I haven't tested the bootstrap yet, so I'd like to hear about success as well as all problems. For the time being, I leave the old PM3 1.1.13 boot archives from Michel Dagenais in place.

In order to install PM3, you will need the appropriate boot archive and at least all the sources for the following packages: m3doc, m3core, libm3, m3middle, m3front, m3linker, m3driver, m3quake, m3templates, m3config, m3build, m3ship, m3cc. You can get them from this site via CVSup or Anonymous CVS or download the complete source archive below. Unpack the boot archive in the top level of the src archive and use the provided Makefiles to bootstrap the system.

Please have a look at the installation instructions, though they are not really up-to-date and probably need some corrections.

PM3 Boot Archives

The compressed boot archives vary in size from 2 to 4 MB.

PM3 1.1.15

PM3 1.1.13

PM3 Source Archives

Because the complete source archive is very big, we offer it compressed with gzip and bzip2.

PM3 Binary Archives

We can offer a complete PM3 binary installation in /usr/local/pm3 for a Linux Red Hat 7.1 system (may run on other Linux distributions, but has not been tested). You should also consider using the PM3 1.1.15 RPM archives at provided by E. Ratzer.