Polytechnique Montréal Modula-3 (PM3)

What is it

PM3 is a complete open source distribution of the Modula-3 compiler and development system together with hundreds of MBs of useful libraries and programs. Modula-3 was designed and implemented at the Systems Research Center of Digital Equipment Corporation, and later extended and improved by a large number of individuals and organizations. In recent years, the most complete and actively worked-on distribution of Modula-3 was maintained at the Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal by Michel Dagenais. Michel Dagenais terminated the WWW and CVS services for PM3 in August 2002. The PM3 CVS repository has been moved to www.elegosoft.com.

If you want to donwload the PM3 distribution via CVS or CVSup, refer to the following resources:

Some of the PM3 archives (gzipped tar format) are available from site, too.

Some PM3 information is now available on this server, though it still hasn't been updated, i.e. some references will be broken and some information out-of-date.

For more information about Modula-3 in general and the Modula-3 services of elego Software Solutions look at

This page is only intended as a temporary solution until all the web pages and distribution archives from m3.polymtl.ca/m3/ are moved and adapted to this location. Ultimately it is intended to merge the PM3 distribution with the more recent CM3 distribution, but this may take a long time. Everybody interested in working on PM3 or the web pages is encouraged to send email to m3-support{at}elego.de.

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